• Reduce operational costs with smart battery maintenance

    Golf cart battery monitoring system and analytics. Fleet system plug-in.

  • Customer story

    Handicart operates more than 700 golf carts in many locations across the Netherlands.


    "With the analysis done by Bamomas, we have a clear picture of the battery condition of the whole fleet. It really helps us to save time by steering our maintenance efforts and money by replacing batteries according to their condition."


    Dave Stenfert Kroese

    Handicart director

  • Benefits

  • Reduce maintenance costs and time

    Less maintenance visits and efforts

    Bamomas provides analytics and steering information for condition-based maintenance that will decrease service hours and reduce costs

    Maximize battery lifespan

    Environment friendly

    Bamomas monitors battery performance remotely which helps you in better decision making for battery usage and maintenance. Resulting in an extended lifetime of batteries.

    Minimize risk of downtime

    Track water refill intervals to avoid batteries to dry out! Decrease downtime of carts with predictable battery replacements instead of unplanned emergency replacements.

    Optimize day to day operation

    Increase comfort of golf cart users

    Maintain a simple and quick operation process by taking care of the problematic batteries only and avoid selection of carts with discharged batteries.

  • How it works

    Three steps for efficient data-driven decision making


    Connect Bamomas to your fleet system

    Bamomas cloud analytics sources battery data directly from your existing fleet system. Contact us for more details. For detailed insights, add Bamomas battery sensor to the golf cart battery and connect it to WiFi.


    Gain insights

    Cloud battery analytics automatically collects data from your batteries. It continuously analyses the usage, performance, and health of your batteries. Access real-time information easily via the web or mobile dashboards. Get periodic reports, warnings, and notifications.


    Improve your operations

    Turn gained insights into better usage of your fleet, condition-based maintenance activities, and predictive battery replacements.

  • Features

    Bamomas battery monitoring system consists of cloud battery analytics and visualizations of battery data from your existing fleet management system. Optional extended with WiFi battery sensors for more detailed insights. The solution is perfectly suitable for a large golf cart fleet distributed in multiple locations as well as a smaller fleet in a single course.

    WiFi battery sensor (optional)

    • Provides higher detail in comparison with data available via fleet system
    • Secure WiFi communication
    • Battery voltage, current, and temperature measurements
    • Water refills measurement
    • Internal FLASH backup memory
    • Simple installation process 10-15 minutes

    Cloud battery analytics and visualizations


    • Data source: fleet systems, Bamomas WiFi battery sensors
    • Easy access to all data anytime and anywhere via online dashboards: https://dashboard.bamomas.com 
    • Reports in Excel or Pdf available
    • Data views: detailed single battery view, single location view, multiple locations view, full fleet view
    • Calculations and analytics: battery cycles, battery charge level, battery & fleet health level, battery & fleet usage, battery & fleet energy consumption
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